OEM Versus Aftermarket and Used

Restoring your car to its pre-collision condition

As stated in your policy, your insurance company will  employ a collision and repair auto body shop to repair, rebuild, or replace any damaged parts with other parts “of like kind and quality.” This means that if there is damage to the front fender of your five-year-old vehicle, your insurer can replace the damaged fender with a used one “of like kind and quality” as the original. The justification is that your five-year-old car is not in new condition and the aftermarket fender is good enough and suitable for the repair or is it? Some clients maintain their vehicles in immaculate condition for 10+ years. Is an aftermarket bumper good enough for them?

Note here that if your vehicle is less than a year old, your insurance company will likely be ok with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to replace any damaged parts. Some insurance companies up to 2 years but beyond that who knows? Each company has its own limits. As an insured client, you should inquire with your insurer before an accident to make sure what you get is what you want.

But you know, there are professional auto body shops and collision centres who always try to use OEM in every repair and never settle for used parts in their restorations, no matter how old your car is. These collision and autobody shops rely on consumers understanding the difference between a repair and a restoration of a car to its condition prior to an accident. The use of OEM parts maintains manufacturer warranties and maintains the resale value of your car as well. Would you not want to keep both in good standing? Does it not make good sense to do so?

My advice, deal with collision and autobody shops that push to use OEM parts. It is the better solution! These shops will only use aftermarket or used parts if the owner agrees to it in the end. You, the owner of the car, make the decision. That’s how it should be!

Mike Tikl
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