Getting back on the road

Can you really forget skills such as driving, especially in a relatively short time span? What’s going on? Well, driving a car is based on memories that some of us probably haven’t been accessed for six months, eight months, or a year. The behaviors that are associated are still there, but we haven’t had to use them as much.

I’m not suggesting that you’re going to forget how to drive in a serious way, but you may be a little rusty because you haven’t been practicing something you have been used to doing two or more times a day.

The first few times behind the wheel may feel like you are preparing to get your driver’s license for the first time. Although the basic skills involved with driving are probably still intact, tasks that require more attention (driving at night), more precision (parking), or memories that aren’t so easily accessible (where an old haunt is located) may have eroded. I think it happens even after a short, strange time away from driving.

Unfortunately, rusty drivers will be returning to roadways that have become more dangerous since the onset of the pandemic. And if you can help it, it’s best not to panic as you return to the road. Relax. Just be a little careful out there and welcome back to driving! 

Mike Tikl

Proud owner of Mitek Fine Autobody & Paint,

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